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Thursday, 28 November 2013

49 Pcs Spin N Store – America’s No 1 Storage System



Is your plastic container drawer getting out of hand? Can’t find a lid when you need one?Tired of using those non-see through recyclables? Spin N Store Storage Systems not only organize three sizes of plastic storage containers in a spinning carousel, but also ensure you’re not wasting time looking for a matching lid – their lids fit all the sizes!Spin N Store Storage System conveniently holds all your storage needs, right at your fingertips. It’s unique patented design slides forward, then spins like a carousel, for easy selection. You could even find a container with a blindfold on.Spin N Store Storage System holds an enormous amount of food, yet takes up about the space of a coffee maker. Order your very own Spin N Store System today. These units will easily fit in a cupboard or in a kitchen drawer.They hold 8 – 24 oz, 8 – 16 oz, and 8 – 8 oz containers, with 24 lids that fit them all. What a convenience. These are more economical than buying the equivalent amount of containers, in small packages of other brands, and they would also make a great gift idea or wedding shower prize.  

  • Clear containers make it easy to see what each one holds.
  • Each container features measuring marks on the side
  • Great for office, garage, or refrigerator
  • Same size locking lids make it easy make it easy to find the right size lids every time.
  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Spin around carousel holder keeps your containers organizer and ready-to-use.
8 x 8 oz Clear Containers (Marking 6 oz / 150 ml (small size)8 x 16 oz Clear Containers (Marking 12 oz / 350 ml (medium size)8 x 24 oz Clear Containers (Marking 20 oz / 600 ml (large size)

RM32 MOQ 5set



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