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Monday, 9 December 2013

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker - Cuts Cooking Time in Half

Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker - Cuts Cooking Time in Half Ready Stock

wholesale RM75 (moq 6 pcs) Free postage semenanjung
suggested RETAIL : RM 110- 135

Makes fast delicious and healthy meals a snap. Easy-to-Clean Non-Stick Surface.


Cook, fry, bake, steam and grill for oven quality results in microwave time.
The dual cooking technology heats food from the top and bottom cutting cooking time in half.
The non-stick surface means there is no need for oils that produce extra fat and clean-up is a breeze.
Make hundreds of delicious meals in seven minutes or less.
Cooks 2 times as fast as conventional ovens, saves up to 70% in oven energy costs and takes up less space than a toaster.


Dimension: 27cm x 22cm x 29cm
Weight: 4kg
Electric grill-cooking system with dual-sided heating
Function: Cook, fry, bake, steam, grill, and more
Built-in timer with warm-up indicator LED
Auto on-off operating switch
Includes removable non-stick pans
Safe, compact, and easy to use
Non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning

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